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WI-RC Prompt 6: Supporting Cast

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

In this prompt, the task is to decipher who the supporting cast is and their role in the story. We are doing this by using the diyMFA five common supporting character archetypes: the villain, the love interest, the BFF or sidekick, the mentor, and the fool.

**Some spoilers ahead**

In The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen, there are five main supporting characters: Win Coffey (Emily's friend/love interest), Vance Shelby (Emily's grandfather/mentor), Julia (Emily's mentor/friend), Stella (Julia's BFF/roommate, who serves as the "fool" archetype), and Morgan Coffey - Win's father and the story's antagonist).

Win enters the story as Emily's saviour from a bout of heatstroke. Right away, they are drawn to each other. Emily describes it as feeling tangled in him, and that connection leads to the truth about why her mother left Mullaby.

Grandpa Vance is the gentle giant of Mullaby. Though his stature may be overwhelming, his gentle ways help Emily navigate the prejudice of the town. He also protects her from hidden forces that he feels may cause her harm.

Julia is the first person to welcome her to Mullaby by bringing one of her delectable cakes. She becomes Emily's connection to her mother's past and takes her under her wing. She eventually gives up trying to shelter Emily from the reason for the town's prejudice against her and her mother and tells her the whole story, as she knows it.

Stella, Julia's roommate, comically finds herself telling Emily "the way it is" even if she doesn't mean to. Something Emily appreciates in a town where everyone's words seem coded in secrets.

Morgan Coffey's disapproval of Emily began before she was even born. He believes Emily will bring trouble to his family, just like her mother did all those years ago - trouble that led to his brother Logan's tragic death - and he's having none of it.


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