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WI-RC Prompt 8: Theme & Thematic Elements

In this prompt, we are asked to drill down the book's theme to a "fortune cookie saying" and suss out what is giving the story meaning.

**Spoilers ahead**

My "fortune cookie saying" for the theme of The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen: What secrets have ruined, the truth can renew.

Main Thematic Element in the book: Young lovers who have been pulled apart due to a misunderstanding are reconciled when the truth is revealed.

How thematic elements express the overall theme of the book:

1) The Coffey family secret ruined Logan and Dulcie's relationship and threatened to keep Win and Emily apart. It's only when the family secret and the truth about Logan's long-standing mental health issues is revealed that Dulcie's innocence is proved. Thereby allowing Win and Emily to stop hiding their relationship. With the secret off the table, acceptance and forgiveness between the Coffey's, the Shelby's and the town can occur.

2) Julia, Sawyer and the secret baby. As teens, Julia and Sawyer ran in different crowds but found their attraction to each other undeniable. After a romantic encounter in their senior year of high school, Julia becomes pregnant. When Sawyer refuses to take responsibility, she tells him she will have an abortion but instead secretly puts their child up for adoption. Julia finally tells Sawyer about his daughter, and instead of ruining their relationship, it brings them closer. Though they do not know it, at the same time, their daughter is seeking to find them.


Coming Up Next: Prompt 9: The Ending

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