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WI-RC Prompt 7: The Midpoint

We've landed at the middle of the book, and it's time to ask: "Is the protagonist succeeding or failing?"

At the midpoint, there should be a time of self-reflection for the main character. The task for this prompt is to decipher in which scene this occurs, what realization does the character make, and what type of midpoint it is.

**Some spoilers ahead**

In The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen, at the midpoint, Emily has learned that the town believes her mother's cruel actions were the cause of Logan Coffey's death. It is the antithesis of everything she has ever known about her mother, a woman whose life was consumed in the service of others.

Emily, who often felt unworthy of living up to her mother's high standards, finds herself again feeling unworthy of the acceptance she so wants from the town, especially Win Coffey. The facts around the tragedy are still shrouded in mystery. Though it may further reveal her mother as the troublemaker Morgan Coffey believes she is, Emily is determined to discover the whole story, no matter the outcome.

It may seem to Emily like she is failing, but her tenacity in seeking the truth, in the end, redeems both her and her mother.


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