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WI-RC Prompt 2: The Protagonist

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Emily Benedict stepped out of a cab and into the picturesque yet strange southern town of Mullaby in the first scene of The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen.

Though the book presents a cast of intriguing and mysterious characters, it's Emily's arrival in the town that sets the stories in motion.

Seventeen-year-old Emily must leave her hometown of Boston and move to Mullaby, North Carolina, her late mother's hometown, to the classic antebellum house of her grandfather, Vance. She arrives knowing nothing about the town, her grandfather, and why her mother, Dulcie, ran away.

As the story begins, Emily is the underdog protagonist who is the outsider in an insular community. Halfway through the book, however, her role in the story shifts to more of a disruptor, her mere presence inspiring the other characters to revisit old grudges and reveal long-held secrets.

Emily wants to learn who her mother was before she ran away from Mullaby and became a crusader for the underdog, which is not the selfish, self-serving person the townsfolk remember. But will the sins of the mother be too much for the daughter to overcome? Will Emily be able to break through the town's prejudice and gain the acceptance she so wants? That remains to be seen...

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