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WI-RC Prompt 3: Five Promises

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

In this prompt, we seek to discover the five promises the writer makes to the reader in their book's opening pages: character, world, voice, event, and problem.

The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen begins with the main character, Emily Benedict, arriving in the small town of Mullaby, NC, to live with a grandfather she has never met after her mother passes away in Boston.

The world she steps into is unknown. Her mother has withheld all knowledge of her family, the town, and most importantly, her past. Emily is walking in blind, but with nowhere else to go, hopes that she will learn more about her mother's younger days by moving to her hometown.

Right away, Emily feels the lazy southern summer slowing down the world, a stark contrast to the rushed life she lived in Boston. The buildings, the people, are all infused with a yawning southern drawl, with secrets sticking like the humidity in the air.

Between meeting her gentle giant grandfather, the strange lights in the woods, and the mysterious return of a family heirloom, it is clear there is much more for Emily to learn in Mullaby than just her mother's past. As an outsider, the problem is, can she break through the prejudice held against her to discover the truth?

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